An alternative to Google's AdSense for WordPress plugin

Google recently announced that their AdSense for WordPress plugin would be retiring soon. I have been using the plugin for a month now, and it has always lived up to my expectations. All the advertisements were always placed correctly and displayed within the hour.

After Google’s announcement, I switched the Ad placement approach of mine and manually placed ads right in the sidebar. Although this method deprived me of creating slots at certain locations, for me, it worked just fine.

In accordance with the announcement Google made, WPTavern published a post informing of the retirement of the plugin. After going through the entire post there, I scrolled my way down to the comments section where I happened to come across a comment by Rene Hermenau. It read:

That poor rated plugin is not a big loose for the plugin community even though the plugin had a few very nice and simple to use features. If someone wants to switch over to another plugin he or she could try out my AdSense plugin WP QUADS:

Its rated 4.9 of 5 and is used on more than 30k active sites.

Impulsively, I clicked on the link and was taken to the WP Quads page.As I made my way to the Screenshots tab, I was convinced to install and activate the plugin right away. I could write about the main features of the plugin right here, but the developer has already listed everything in the plugin description page. You can find it right here.

I’ve been using the plugin for a day now and it is simply awesome. A perfect alternative to the official AdSense plugin, WP Quads is a must-have. Have you used the plugin before? What are your views regarding Google shutting down yet another utility? Let us know through the comments.