DNA Dark for substratum | Theme Showcase

DNA Dark is probably the only free theme out there containing everything theme-related your device needs. Not only does the subject sport a fancy dashboard (via which you can report bugs), it also includes custom boot animations, fonts and what not. The theme religiously follows Google’s Material Design guidelines and has two iterations packed into one app. The iterations mentioned are the regular DNA Dark iteration and the Infected DNA Dark iteration respectively.

The status bar looks extremely professional. It has a high dependency on the type of icons you chose natively. I currently have the Circle battery icon applied, and it looks as good as the Solid battery icon does. I would recommend you trying the Portrait battery icon out.

Mike likes to keep things professional with his theme, which happens to be the reason for a small divider between individual notifications. There are a lot of people in love with the divider and @customworx, a member of teamfibre, happens to be one of them:

I really like the lines or dividers between notifications as they make single notifications look different. Also, it is visually easier for me to interact with the separate notifications because of the dividers. Mike has done some real work with the dividers.

Moving towards the Quick Settings Panel, you'd observe that some icons have not been themed. However, the flat look of the panel and the brightness icon are totally redeeming. The brightness slider is equally as visually appealing as the icon is. Almost exactly like the QS Panel, the Settings menu has a flat layout. However, you do have an option to toggle sections on.

The NavBar overlay included into the theme is quite interesting. There are 5 unique styles of navbar icons included, namely, the Solid, SolidAccent, SolidOutline, Transparent and TransparentAccent styles. In addition to all of the options and styles mentioned above, Mike decided to include custom animations as well. If you’re still reading this, I’m sure you’re interested in the theme and would like to grab a quick link. Navigate to the theme on Google Play Store in order to download it or circle Mike (xdnax) on G+. And of course, keep visiting and subscribe to our newsletter for instant updates**.