Flux for Substratum is a dark yet vibrant theme boasting a unique style and layout. Everything is flattened out with a blue accent complimenting the black background.

From the circular “Quick Settings Tiles” to the rounded corners of the “Recents Cards,” pretty much everything has been themed. You can find FLUX on the Play Store for $1.49. Let’s dive into the deeper arrays of Flux.

The Notification Bar

The Notification Bar flaunts rounded icons with a touch of minimalism. The battery icon, in particular, has been themed to have a solid fill inside the circle. Moreover, most of the apps have custom icons.

The Quick Settings

This part of the theme is one of a kind. With circular QS tiles boasting a blue accent, the whole panel looks stunning. All the toggles in use have the blue accent, whereas the inactive toggles have a faded gray color.

The Settings

The settings are pretty good-looking too. Instead of the all-blue accent, the settings menu has punchy icons which stand out in the black background.

The Notifications

The notifications are dark, like the universal background for the rest of the theme. All of the icons for apps, as stated before, are customized. Everything from the name of the app to the “Reply” text has the blue accent, too. The background of the QS Panel, however, is darker than that of the Notifications so that the cards stand out.

The Navbar

The NavBar comes with the popular Pixel Navbar style. However, to give it a flavor of Flux, John went ahead and made the outer circle for the home button transparent. It looks exquisite and complements the overall look of the theme.


Flux for Substratum flaunts precision which gives the smartphone an entirely modern and high-end look. The graphics used are all vectors, which are also the reason for the small size of the theme.Plus, this theme is compatible with Substratum Legacy which means users on LineageOS and similar ROMs without OMS can enjoy it as well.