Jake Engdahl has come a long way with his eye-catching theme Dark-infusion. He is one of the most active and generous themers the community has dropping redeeming codes in the comments section with each update.
Talking about updates, he recently updated his theme to version 10.0 on 11 September saving users from the bugs. The recent update fixes the app join to not use background Tint which might have caused black on black texts.

Fixes for box, along with revamped UI of Google calculator and Twitter. Theming stock Oreo has been a pain on themers but he has been doing his best and has been fixing Oreo settings. Since GMS (play services) is a separate package it wasn’t following how Jake themed other settings option so he went on and fixed it in this update.

Our friend Mike Xdnax has been working on an app to introduce missing quick settings icons in Oreo which gets themed in this update. Do take your time to taste his theme. 🙂

Grab the theme off of the Play Store