Cues is one of a kind.

Hence, it earns a place among the other games featured in the Honest Game Reviews series.

Almost all of the games featured in this series deserve a lot more attention than they’re given.

If you like a certain game, make sure you download it and give it a shot yourself. Although, that’s what the average reader would most logically do anyway.

Cues is a puzzle game inspired from Chess.

As you’re already familiar with the dynamics of Chess, you know how challenging it can get. However, we’re  talking about Cues here, which is a surprisingly relaxing puzzle game.

While the game is relaxing because of the smooth transitions, materialistic approach and a soothing soundtrack, the gameplay gets tough enough for you to enjoy.

Definitely a feast for your brain.

While playing Cues, all you’ve got to do is tap the cue to push the ball in a specific direction.

The farther the ball is from the cue, the farther it moves.
During a stage, you will be provided with a convenient number of moves. Your objective will be to place the ball in the pocket within the given moves.

In addition to the 75 carefully crafted levels, Cues comes with a handy “Level Maker” which as the name suggests, lets you create levels of your own.

Design your own custom puzzles and challenge your friends instantly.

There are also different themes to choose from to suit your taste!

Your progress through the game is safely stored in the Cloud and you can get back to it anytime.

With multiple paths leading to the pocket, are you sure you can find the shortest? Have you played the game yet? Do you like the concept and the gameplay? Let us know through the comments! If you like this publication of ours, please consider subscribing to the weekly newsletter.