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There’s a lot of great Android content published in the community, but not all of it is featured on TCF. A majority, in fact, of such content, is being issued on the XDA Portal. This post is an assortment of items related to Android I posted on the XDA Portal.

State of substratum 001

What started as a small project nine months ago is now a widely-used theming medium with an ever-increasing user-base. Moreover, Substratum is still experiencing constant development, and we routinely observe new additions like “rootless subs” and “floatUI” to the Substratum family. Today, we’ll talk about the state of Substratum as it now flaunts a new website and new icons.

Finally on a ROM with rootless commits merged-in !
Finally on a ROM with rootless commits merged-in !
Rootless Substratum: A few days ago, XDA Recognized Developer Nicholas Chum stated in a post on G+ that rootless will soon be implemented for all devices. Now, we can confirm that starting next week, Custom ROM builds supporting rootless Substratum will be rolled out. The team of developers has achieved a model that doesn’t necessitate root privileges.

QuickApply: QuickApply was a feature that shipped with the first versions of Substratum. It was dropped out of the app for certain reasons. The team is working on bringing it back.

Never-before-seen accents ft. Deep Darkness
Never-before-seen accents ft. Deep Darkness
UI overhauls: XDA Recognized Developer and Developer Relations Officer sykopompos recently gave the masses a sneak peak of what looked like a new addition to the Overlay Manager. Not only has the ThemePicker received some dev love, the Advanced Manager (which is considered a “complicated” part of Substratum) will experience a UI overhaul too

Google and substratum: The Android Community is well-aware of the fact that T-Mobile and Sony have sported their theme engines in the past. This led to Google recommending individual iterations and putting forward certain guidelines as to what the “ideal” theme engine should consist of. Team Substratum has focused on building a model following these very directives and recommendations.

The new icon: 221 Pixels (an initiative of Kevin Aguilar) created brand new iconography for the “Substratum” and “masquerade” apps. Also, “masquerade” will be renamed to ThemeInterfacer in order to make things easier and more generic.

Toggle "Verify apps over USB" off
Togle “Verify apps over USB” off
Play Services Update Broke Titanium Backup & Substratum: The fix is pretty simple and straight-forward. All you need to do is navigate to the “Verify Apps” section located in Settings-> Google-> Security. Once you reach the “Verify Apps” section, disable the feature. Then head over to Developer Options and un-check the “Verify Apps over USB” option. That’s it. After successful completion of both of the steps above, you should have Substratum and Titanium Backup working flawlessly on your device once again.

Cache rendering disabled: Team substratum went ahead and completely disabled the process of rebuilding and/or building cache. The change they made impacts every single aspect of the theme, from the font to the boot animations.

substratum 621: The update prepares the popular theme engine to support Android O, though it hasn’t yet been actually tested on that software. Anyone who is able to root their device running the Android O Developer Preview is welcome to try out Substratum Legacy, though.Other improvements include fixing potential memory leaks during overlay complications by stopping all the recreates previously present.

The icon looks a lot better when it's colorful!
The icon looks a lot better when it’s colorful!
All the issues with different kinds of types erroring out on the log have been resolved. The team has also fixed all the compilation errors related to appending new resources. A toast has also been added, informing you whether the overlay you’re compiling has a type3 mode or not.

[projekt.] is now official: In a post on Facebook, Nicholas Chum Shared with us that [projekt.] has been registered officially.

XOSP drops release and revision based update scheme

At the moment, XOSP is experiencing a re-base led by Călin Neamțu. Taking the re-base as an opportunity to change a few other things up, XOSP will be discontinuing “RLs” and “revisions.”

The XOSP banner, grayscaled
The XOSP banner, grayscaled
The reason this update scheme will be discontinued is a shift of focus towards providing builds on a weekly-basis. As a consequence, Team XOSP will be synchronizing weekly builds and changelogs with the Android Weekly series.

Current state of bliss 001

Over the week, BlissROMs has accomplished a lot. For starters, they brought in certain developers who helped Bliss port features from their CAF branch to AOSP and x86. Anyone and everyone willing to help are invited. As their CAF branch is already leading by about a 1,000 commits, it has officially been bumped to 7.2Bliss has resolved all the issues involving servers and the gerrit is now open to the public. The same applies to the download server.

CAF-deCAF: Acknowledging the fact that beta builds have been rolling out for far too long now, Team Bliss has decided to go official. The official versions of BlissROMs will feature two variants, namely, Bliss-CAF and Bliss-deCAF.

Yet another Bliss wallpaper by @customworx
Yet another Bliss wallpaper by @customworx
Aptly named, Bliss-CAF is based on CAF (Code Aurora Forum) and will feature saturated amounts of features. Bliss-deCAF, on the other hand can be referred to as a “lite” version of the same ROM. Based on AOSP, ( Android Open Source Project ) Bliss-deCAF is a rather stripped down version.

Bliss x86 will be continued on the deCAF branch henceforth, with plans to bump the x86 branches to 7.2 soon. It shouldn’t come as a surprise if you spot a Bliss-CAF 7.2 Official build out in the wild. The AOSP branch has yet to be updated

Shuttle Music Player went open-source

Recently, the lead developer of Shuttle Music Player made a post at r/Android stating that the music player has now been open-sourced. The lead developer is looking for contributors and the project is set to experience an active development.

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