Innovation versus Plagiarism [ft. Giveaway!]

The Android Community is saturated with people taking credit for features/implementations under someone else’s original authorship. There have been a lot of cases in the past, and a lot more recently. Taking into account two of the most popular cases, we’re publishing this post hoping for a decreasing rate for similar situations in the future.

Tiles (Nougat Quick Setting)

[![We see what you did there, TechOn!]( "We see what you did there, TechOn!")](
We see what you did there, TechOn!
Taking advantage of Google’s indexing algorithm, developer (and it’s a shame to use this as an entitlement) TechOn Labs pushed an application to the Play Store. Not only does the application mimic the name of an already established app, the developer has gone to the extent to have a similar icon. Months before Tiles(Nougat Quick Settings) was shamefully released, [developer @rascarlo released an application called “Tiles” ]( basically let’s you add more quick settings to your panel. Rascarlo’s work is truly remarkable. He surprisingly published “Tiles” the very day Android 7.0 was released.Taking his success to their advantage, applications like Tiles(Nougat Quick Setting) started to pop up. This is outrageous.
[![Yet another copy of Rascarlo's application]( "Yet another copy of Rascarlo's application")](
Yet another copy of Rascarlo’s application
Everything from the name of the package to the colour pallete is exactly the same as Rascarlo’s application. ## SlimStratum
[![Here we have Substratum and SlimStratum respectively]( "Here we have Substratum and SlimStratum respectively")](
Here we have Substratum and SlimStratum respectively
Here’s another example of shameful plagiarism. Substratum is a theming solution recently developed by a team of talented and devoted developers. Taking their success as a springboard, [SlimROMs decided to publish their own ThemeManager ]( happens to be an exact replica of substratum. The only change I, as a user see, is the interface. In various posts and conversations on G+ and Telegram, Nicholas Chum and Mike Finnegan ( Team Substratum) have stated that SlimROMs published the application intentionally. Moreover, both of the developers mentioned above are ready to file a DMCA complaint against SlimROMs. After stating that SlimROMs will not be officially supported henceforth as SlimStratum [bypasses the piracy check placed by Team Substratum](, Nicholas Chum quite clearly stated: **                         > We tried working with Slim developers, but Griffin shied away from our recent conversation because he thought Mike (+[Syko Pompos]( was selling him about using Subs. His argument was that Slim did not feel happy with what we didn’t give them – their own AAPT compiled with the theme application (which they said DIDN’T WORK) but evidence shown **even more recently** that our AAPT works perfectly with their “Slim Framework” consisting of Slim SystemUI, Slim Framework-Res, Slim Tinder, Slimchat, Slimstagram, Slim Period Tracker and now Slim Theme Manager!  
[![To whoever made this- hats-off!]( "To whoever made this- hats-off!")](
To whoever made this- hats-off!

Conclusion: Giveaway!

Concluding, I’d to request the users downloading and using these kanged  applications to stop encouraging bad development. If the price tag is an issue, there are TONS of giveaways. In fact, I might as well hold one right here:

You know the drill, readers. To ensure you’re eligible, comment your views on any of the two:

The reason there are shameful kangs popping up everyday.

TechOn Labs and SlimROMs kanging

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The giveaway encompasses the following:

1. Tiles by rascarlo

2. Reverie by Andre Zimmermann

3. Magpie by Jimmy Setiawan

4. Domination by Dave Wilson

5. Spectrum by Jeremy Beck

6. Fantasy by DeadmanxXD

Pick any two and leave a comment.:)