A developer named Tait Brown published an article to the freeCodeCamp Medium publication outlining his journey of writing 57 lines of code and receiving $86 Million in return for it. The subtitle “When an experiment with existing open source technology does a “good enough” job” was inspiring and intriguing enough for me to go ahead and read the entire piece.

Tait expains that the primary law enforcement agency of Victoria, Australia- Victorian Police had reports of over 16,000 vehicles being stolen in the past year, amounting to the hefty cost of $170 million. The police department had been experimenting with various tech-based solutions to crackdown on car theft.

The PD was already using a web-based service named “VicRoads” for checking the status of vehicle registrations. Plus, investments into a stationary license plate scanner were made as well.

Tait’s open-source solution takes an image using a webcam, pumps it through an open source license plate recognition system installed on the device (locally), queries the check service for registration and returns the results. The data returned (to a device on the law enforcement vehicle) includes the vehicle’s make and model, registration status and a notification of whether the vehicle has been reported stolen or not.

If that sounds rather simple, it’s because it really is.

Since this post comes under the category of “External” posts, I won’t be going into the absolute details of how the code was executed and/or under what conditions was it successfully shipped.

The article is as inspiring as an article gets. Not only does it motivate one to contribute to the world of Open Source, it inspires all developers to go out their and try their luck with pre-existing technologies as well.

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