Introducing: Android Weekly

We’re glad to announce the initiation of the “Android Weekly” series, a series encompassing updates from all over the Android Community. We are going to go off a tangent and try something new with this series.

At the moment, BlissROMs, XOSP, substratum, and RR are the projects we will be focusing on. Hence, you will be seeing articles informing you of significant developments from each of the above projects quite often.

The Pilot episode is already up for grabs!
What’s even more interesting is the fact that we at will be teaming up with the developers over at the DevsBase Podcast. In accordance to the publication of a podcast, we will offer an in-depth written transcript right here.

We’re very excited for Android Weekly and sincerely hope for this little section of our blog to symbolize the unification of the Android Community. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated.