Coalfield is a minimal theme created by Andre “kohlewrrk” Zimmermann. Opting for clean icons and a very minimalistic font, Coalfield has experienced a popular tenure during its CMTE days. The clean icons present in the Quick Settings Panel, the standard Settings page, the Navigation Bar and the *Statusbar *compliment the overall look of the theme.

Each and every application has been customized to display a custom icon. Steering toward personal preference, I like the way how every image is made up of a combination of lines. Coalfield is still a work in progress and is to launch in a week or two.

The Statusbar and the Navigation Bar

As stated before, individual lines come together to create a spectacular icon. The Wi-Fi icon, the* Network Indicator* and every other detail have been with precision. Hands down, the Statusbar is one of the most attractive aspects of the theme.

The Navigation bar is unique and minimal. Again, it’s all about lines. The Home button goes quite well with the Pixel animation. The Navigation bar matches the overall look of the system extensively.

The QS Panel and the Notifications

The Quick Settings panel looks elegant with the minimalist tiles and the elegant Brightness slider. Each and every icon available for the QS Panel is customized. The brightness slidermatches the accent color.

The notifications are laid out in accordance to the QS Panel. This part of the theme is rather stock-like with the only change being the custom icons. The images and the name of the application are accented too. The Notification Area has a flattened look and finishes to it. There is no space between two individual notifications which makes it look professional.

The Settings and the Splash Screens

The Settings page is rather minimal while flaunting minimalist icons. The icons on the settings page match the accent color. Just like the layout of the notifications, several individual settings have been merged into one flat layout.