There’s not a lot going on inside the elements- there aren’t any custom icons, neither any fancy animations. All there is, is a theme that transforms your phone’s UI into the chalky, default Android Oreo UI.

Android Oreo for substratum on the Play Store

The theme delivers what it promises to. There’s white everywhere- the Quick Settings Panel, the Settings page, the volume sliders and certain Third-Party applications.

Hence, there’s not a lot to review. The Quick Settings panel has your standard, yet inverter icons plucked from the Android Open Source Project, an accented brightness slider and the default “profile,” “edit,” “settings” and “expand” icons.

The volume slider has a white background (which should be fairly obvious at this point) with inverted icons and accented slider bars.

Applications like Instagram, Google Messaging, Google Play Music, GBoard, Google Keep, Google Dialer, YouTube and substratum have been themed as well.

Android Oreo for substratum ships with 20 accents, two boot animations (the Pixel animation and the stock Nexus animation) and the “Product Sans” font .

The theme’s pretty simple and it manages to deliver what’s promised. Although the theme was hosted on the Play Store for free a few days ago, there’s an updated price-tag of $0.9 now.

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