Team Bliss believes in the fact that helping each other and working together is the correct way to develop and create premium-grade software for various platforms.

Not only has this been evident on numerous occasions in various chat rooms and communities, the ideology reflects into a good part of the announcements the team makes too.

Introducing: The Bliss Family of CustomROMs

Basically, the Bliss family is a collective of various CustomROM and app-related projects working together as a team.

The respective projects all function as a unified team while sharing their respective knowledge and resources in order to build each other up and help the community as a whole.

Why would I want to join the Bliss family?

Joining the Bliss family equals to having a share in resources that could potentially help you grow into a better developer.

From access to exclusive chats encompassing talented and respected developers to actual build server rentals and hosting deals.

The family’s invitation is open for you- no matter what category of development you fall into. UI/UX designers, CustomROM developers, Concept designers, bloggers, you name it!

Also, once you join the family, you’re considered and treated as a true member of the family.

Keeping the community’s and the family’s primary goal- to improve development in mind, TeamBliss decided to refrain from monetizing any of the services and content/support channels mentioned above.

The ultimate goal is to provide the Android Community with a free and open collaborative environment.

All you need to do in order to join the Bliss family is click right here