Wavvy by Travis Hall is a theme for those who love detail. It is a beautiful piece of art with many customizations baked into it. Nearly every single part of your favorite custom rom will shine in a brand new and awesome way.

The Statusbar

Let’s have a look at the statusbar. As you can see in the picture below, the statusbar will change its look to a whole new level of theming.

QS Panel

However, that’s not all about Wavvy. If you like flattened design, you will love Wavvy as well. The notification panel for example is completely redesigned and offers you a divider-less optic.


Also, it should be noted that when notifications are visible, you will discover a flat-ish design which matches the rest of the theme.

One of the best things about Wavvy is, that everything looks so damn unique!

The Settings

The settings overview is redesigned to match the rest of the theme. You won’t find a single divider. Everything is as it should be. Flat, flat, flat!


You have also the ability to choose from a bunch of preset colors. If you don’t like the Light Blue accent, you can simply switch to one of the colors shown in the screenshot below.

As this theme is in it’s initial stages, there are a lot of missing links. However, porting this theme from CMTE over to Substratum is a big deal in itself. Expect a lot of updates.


If you fell in love with Wavvy like me, just click here to download Wavvy and support Travis Hall for his awesome work. Additionally, you should follow Travis Hall for updates about his other projects like Icon Packs on Google Plus